We pride ourselves on providing clear and transparent pricing...so we don't hide our prices!

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we try to keep this list as accurate as possible, the fees listed are a guide only.  Every patient and case is different, so the amount of work required and cost on most treatments may vary. A customised estimate for any dental treatment will be provided following a full examination. Prices are also subject to change.

Examination and Hygienist treatments

Examination and 2 x-rays $70
Consultation (for assessment of a problem)  $50
Hygienist appointment   $120
Each additional standard x-ray $20
Full mouth (panoramic) x-ray $50
Fluoride treatment application $40



1 Surface $220 - $240
2 Surface + $260 - $360
Fissure Sealants (per tooth - discount for multiple) $70
At Stanmore Bay Dental Studio, we believe that dental treatment should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, which is why we have chosen to only use tooth-coloured materials for fillings



Crowns/Veneers $1500 - $1700
Post and Core $330 - $450
Bridge (2 unit) $3000 +
(Price may vary depending on material used)    


Root Canal Treatment (excluding final restoration)

Incisor/Canine $790
Premolar $990
Molar $1190


Tooth Removal

Single Extraction $240
Surgical/Wisdom $480


Teeth Whitening

Home Treatment $400
In-Chair Treatment $400




(for implant and crown - paid in 2 instalments. Additional costs may apply for bone augmentation etc)


Orthodontic Treatment (braces)


($990 deposit and remaining balance divided over 12 months. Price excludes retainers) 



Full Upper and Lower $2900
Full Upper or Lower (acrylic) $1900
Partial Upper or Lower (acrylic) $1700
Partial Upper or Lower (metal) $1900
Valplast Flexible $1900
Denture reline/repair $350
Addition (per tooth) $300


Emergency Treatment

Temporary dressing $85
Recementation of crown $120
Treatment of acute gum infection $85
Treatment of sensitive dentine $40



Sports Mouthguard $400
Silensor anti-snore plate $600
Nightguard $400


Merchandise (Available to buy at the Dental Studio)*

Sonicare Diamond Clean electric toothbrush $299.99
Colgate Manual toothbrush $4.99
Sonicare Airfloss Ultra $199.99
GC Dry Mouth Gel $15.99
GC Tooth Mousse $34.99
Neutrafluor 220 mouthwash $11.99
Neutrafluor 900 mouthwash $24.99
Neutrafluor 5000 toothpaste $15.99
Savacol mouthwash $9.99
Dental Ribbon (floss) $3.99
Colgate Pro Relief toothpaste $9.99
TePe interdental brushes $14.99
Superfloss $9.00
Dentek floss picks $6.00
Cervitec Gel (50g) $36.00
End-tufted brush $3.50

*Please ask us if you would like a product that isn't listed as we can order additional items for individual requests