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Many people put off getting problematic teeth fixed due to financial concerns (as well as generally wanting to avoid a visit to the dentist!). However, neglecting your teeth can result in paying a much higher price later. The answer is easy, right? Who wouldn’t want to save money by paying less now to avoid paying a lot more later?

Neglecting Your Teeth – The Price You Pay 


How much is your time worth? Preventive dental services like scaling and cleaning, oral health instruction, dental sealants and fluoride applications take about an hour or so twice a year with your dentist and/or dental hygienist.

Most non-preventive dental treatments take a lot longer. With some dental treatment, patients may need to attend multiple appointments and miss work or school before treatment is completed.


Avoiding regular check-ups often means that problems are missed when they are relatively minor and the opportunity to fix a tooth with a small filling (for example) is lost. By the time a tooth starts hurting, the decay has often progressed to the point where a large filling or possibly even more expensive treatment such as root canal treatment is required. This can result in a patient opting for tooth removal to avoid further expense.


A visit to the hygienist can prevent the progression of gum disease. As there is growing scientific evidence that links gum disease with health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and strokes, most people can understand that after their appointment, they have contributed a positive step not only to their oral health but to their overall health.  


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Save money by paying less now to avoid paying a lot more later.

“Now” Prevention services

“Later” Dental “Repair” Services

Of course, not all dental disease can be prevented but you can save time, discomfort and money by opting for prevention and regular dental visits rather than waiting until something has become painful.

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