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Eco Dentistry

At the Dental Studio, we are keen to promote ecologically sustainable dental care that betters the health of our patients, staff and local community.

Eco-Dentistry is a movement that aims for cleaner, greener, wellness-based dental services by reducing the detrimental impact of dentistry on the environment and promoting sustainability.

Some of the ways we are utilising Eco-Dentistry includes:

  • Digital radiography (x-rays) - eliminates the use of chemicals such as silver and lead which can leach into soil and ground water
  • Amalgam-free – amalgam contains mercury which can enter the water system. We do not place amalgam fillings at the Dental Studio. We also use amalgam separators which trap and separate amalgam when it is removed from a patient’s mouth, so it cannot enter the sewage system
  • Motion-activated taps for our handwashing sinks prevents wasting water
  • Paper-less dental practice – all patient notes and x-rays are stored digitally
  • Recycling cardboard/paper
  • Turning off electrical equipment that is not in use at the plug and switching off computer monitors
  • Bio-degradable patient cups - made from plant-based material (PLA)
  • Tissues and toilet paper made from recycled paper
  • Biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes (packaged with recycled and recyclable materials) are available to purchase
  • Organic fair-trade coffee beans (for our hard-working team!)
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